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Abengoa has not signed up to any standard or voluntary code related to marketing, advertising or other promotional or sponsorship activities. However, the company has a demanding and stringent internal control procedure for external communications that is included under internal company norms, which entails the existence of a chain of internal authorizations. All persons in charge of the areas involved in each issuance of communications must authorize and complete the information accordingly, which ensures that communications generated neither contravene the company’s principles and values nor violate its Code of Conduct.

In 2012, there were no reports through the Abengoa information channels of any claims filed with respect to this matter at any group company.

Abengoa guarantees the validity, integrity, and security of any and all information handled by the company, particularly in regard to all aspects of customers’ personal data.

With the aim of ensuring security measures associated with communications and information systems, there is a security policy statement which governs all Abengoa companies. This statement serves to inform on the implementation of an Information Security Management System as a tool employed to fulfill the company’s security objectives, and explicitly addresses all matters pertaining to policy, norms and obligations of information system users.

There were no reports through the Abengoa information channels of any claims filed by customers in 2012 with respect to customer privacy and personal data leaks at any group companies.

According to the information channels in place at Abengoa, the product and service life cycle phases involving more evaluation of their impacts on customer health and safety are the following:

  • Manufacturing and production.
  • Storage, distribution and delivery.
  • Use and service.
  • Disposal, reuse and recycling.

There were no reports through the Abengoa information channels in 2012 of any incidents resulting from failure to comply with legal regulations or voluntary codes related to the impacts of products and services on health and safety over the course of their life cycle.