Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Abengoa, we believe that the world needs solutions to pave the way for more sustainable development. Scientists tell us that climate change is a reality and at Abengoa we believe that now is the time to seek out solutions and put them into practice.

Over ten years ago, Abengoa made the strategic decision to focus its growth on the creation of new technologies geared towards sustainable development:

  • Generating energy from renewable resources.
  • Recycling industrial waste and generating and managing water.
  • Creating infrastructures that eliminate the need for new investments in assets that generate emissions.
  • Creating information systems that help to manage existing infrastructures more efficiently.
  • Creating new horizons for development and innovation.

To this end, we invest in Research, Development and Innovation, R&D&I, globally expand those technologies with the greatest potential, and attract and develop the necessary talent.

In a similar vein, we channel human and financial resources into the Focus-Abengoa Foundation to promote social action policies that champion social and human progress.

By following this approach, we create long-term value for our shareholders, ensure the growth of the companies through which we operate and help to make the world a better and more sustainable place for future generations.