Awards and Prizes

This section outlines all the awards, achievements and accolades received by Abengoa and its business groups in 2009.

  • 2009 Best Business Person of Andalusia Award granted to Felipe Benjumea Llorente by Dossier Empresarial
  • 2007 Medal of Scientific Merit awarded to Felipe Benjumea Llorente in 2009 by the Spanish Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (Ciemat)
  • Amando Sánchez Falcón, Abengoa’s Finance Director, singled out as one of the 100 Best Finance Officers of 2009 by Actualidad Económica and KPMG
Social Work
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award granted to Abengoa by Dossier Empresarial

Corporate Social Responsibility Prize awarded to Abengoa

  • 2009 Vía Crucis Award granted to Abengoa by the General Board of the Apia business federation
Abengoa Bioenergy

The magazine “Jornal Cana” awarded Abengoa Bioenergy the Mastercana Social award in recognition of its leadership in the field of sustainability

Bioenergy Company of the Year Award handed to Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for its sustainable and profitable production of biofuels

Social Work
  • Greater St. Louis Top 50 accolade awarded to Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation by the Regional Chamber of St Louis for its contribution to the region
  • Agriculture Award granted to Abengoa Bioenergy of Nebraska by the Ravenna Chamber of Commerce in recognition of its contribution to the local population
  • Chemical Safety Excellence award granted to Abengoa Bioenergy by CSX Transportation, one of the leading North American transportation companies, for the company’s commitment to automobile maintenance and safety

Greater SL Top 50 Prize awarded to Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation

Abengoa Solar
Social Work
  • Industrial recognition for Abengoa Solar’s contribution to the economic development of the County of Denver, granted by the Denver Office of Economic Development
  • Best Supplier Award granted to Befesa by Laboratorios Lilly for the company’s quality and commitment
  • Global Water Award granted to Befesa Agua by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) for its status as desalination company of the year

Best A Supplier Prize awarded to Befesa

  • Computer Award handed to Telvent for the success of its initiatives in 2009
  • Official recognition for Telvent as one of the world’s 100 fastest growing companies, according to Fortune figures
  • Telvent listed on the NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure (QGRD) index
  • Telvent awarded the highest international quality standard under standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for information system security
  • Rain forecasting award granted to Telvent by the ranking

Computer Gold Prize awarded to Telvent

  • “Muévete Verde” Award handed to Telvent by Madrid’s Fundación Movilidad
  • Telvent featured on the list of the Sustainable 20 Business ranking’s “The World’s Top Sustainable Business Stock”

Go Green Prize awarded to Telvent

  • Eddie and Ozzie awards granted to Telvent for excellence in magazine editorial content and design
  • The American Agricultural Editors’ Association (AAEA) awarded Telvent 39 different accolades
Ámbito de Gestión
  • National Quality Award granted to Teyma Construcción by the Latin American Summit of Heads of State and Government, for its leadership in the Uruguayan construction industry
  • 2009 Latin American Quality Award granted to Teyma by Fundación Iberoamericana para la Gestión de la Calidad (Fundibeq)
  • Three statuettes awarded to Teyma by AENOR at the Andalusian Summit on Innovation for its various certificates in management systems
  • Official recognition by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Mexican Federal Electricity Commission) for Abengoa México’s involvement in the construction of electrical energy projects
  • Be Inspired 2009 award handed to Energoprojekt Gliwice (EPG) by Bentley, a company involved in the verification of applications that help engineers. The award was in recognition of the company’s design of the second solar thermal tower PS20 plant
  • Africa Power Forum award granted to Abener by the Africa Power Forum for its contribution to developing energy in Africa through its hybrid power plants in Algeria and Morocco
  • Aster Award granted to Abener by ESIC University

Latin American Quality Prize awarded to Teyma


Aster Prize awarded to Abener

  • Energy Excellence Award granted to Inabensa by General Electric
  • GEI-1 recognition for Abengoa México from the Mexican government for the company’s commitment to combating climate change
  • ASICA Award granted to Abener by the Asociación de Ingenieros Consultores de Andalucía for its PS20 solar power plant project
  • CSP Today Award granted to Abener by CSP Today for its engineering prowess at the Thermoelectric Concentrating Solar Power Summit
Social Work
  • Best Solidarity Business Award granted to Teyma by the Foro Ecuménico
  • Teyma recognized for its CSR initiatives through its inclusion on the VII National Corporate Social Responsibility Index

National Corporate Social Responsibility Prize awarded to Teyma