Note 1.- General Information and Business Overview
1.1. General information

Abengoa, S.A. is the parent company of the Abengoa Group (referred to hereinafter as “Abengoa”, “the Group” or “the Company”), which at the end of 2009 is made up of 630 companies, being: the parent company itself, 582 subsidiaries, 23 associates and 24 joint ventures. Additionally, the companies of the Group at this time were participating in 335 temporary consortiums. Additionally, the Group has a number of shareholdings, of less than 20%, in various further entities.

Abengoa, S.A. was incorporated in Seville on 4 January 1941 as a Limited Partnership and was subsequently changed to a Limited Corporation (“S.A” in Spain) on 20 March 1952. Its registered office is at Avenida de la Buhaira, no. 2, Seville (Spain). On 25th January 2010, the Board of Administration agreed on the transfer within the same township of Seville, entering the new address into the Company Registry as Campus Palmas Altas, Parcela ZE-3, 41012 Sevilla, and subsequently modifying Article 2 of the Corporate Bylaws.

The corporate purpose of the Group is set out in Article 3 of the Articles of Association. The objectives cover a wide range of activities, although Abengoa is principally an applied engineering and equipment manufacturer, providing integrated project solutions to customers in the following sectors: Engineering, Telecommunications, Transport, Water Utilities, Environmental, Industrial and Service Sectors.

Abengoa shares have been listed since 29 November 1996 and are currently in the Ibex-35 index.

These financial statements were authorised for issue by the board of directors on 24th February 2010

It is possible to view all public information regarding Abengoa on the Group’s web site, at

1.2. Business overview

Abengoa is a company specialized in technology that looks to develop innovative solutions in sectors such as infrastructure, environment and energy, contributing long term merit to their shareholders due to management based on enterprising, social responsibility, accountability, and rigor

Abengoa’s main head office is in Seville (Spain) and the company is present, through its subsidiaries and other companies in which it holds shares, installations and offices, in over 70 countries, operating through the following five business groups which constitute the operation segments in accordance with IFRS 8:

1. Solar

Abengoa Solar is the holding company of this Business Unit. Its activity is focused on the development and application of solar energy technologies in the struggle against climate change, in order to ensure sustainability through its own solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies.

2. Bioenergy

With Abengoa Bioenergía as its holding company, this operating segment is dedicated to the production and supply of biofuels for transport (bioethanol and biodiesel amongst other products) which use biomass (cereals, cellulosic biomass, oleaginous seeds) as a raw material. Biofuels are used in the production of ETBE (a gasoline additive) or can be mixed directly with gasoline or diesel. As a renewable energy source, biofuels reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the diversification of and the guarantee of ongoing energy supply, reducing levels of dependence upon traditional fossil fuels as a source of energy as well as collaborating and complying with the Kyoto Protocol.

3. Environmental Services

With Befesa Medio Ambiente as the holding company, the group is an international business specialising in the integrated management of industrial waste as well as the management and generation of water, which is a key social responsibility for the creation of a sustainable world.

4. Information Technologies

The parent company is Telvent GIT, S.A. and it is the service and Information Technologies company engaged in working for a safe and sustainable world through the development of high-value-added integrated systems and solutions in Energy, Transport, Agriculture, the Environment, Public Administrations and Global Services.

5. Industrial Engineering and Construction

With Abeinsa as its parent company, the industrial and technology group offers integrated solutions in the energy, transportation, telecommunications, industry, services and environmental sectors. These innovative solutions, geared towards sustainability, enable value creation for the customers, shareholders and employees, ensuring an international profitable future with an international dimension for its investors.