Note 17.- Suppliers and Other Trade Accounts Payable
17.1. “Suppliers and Other Trade Accounts Payable” as of the close of 2009 and 2008 are shown in the following table:

The table above includes amounts payable of € 563 M as of 31 December 2009 (€ 382 M as at 2008) being “Confirming without recourse” relating to various such agreements entered into with a number of financial entities in which the Group receives “confirming” services thereby bringing forward the timing of cash receipts from receivables. There are deposit guarantees of € 255 M over said amount itemized in the heading “receivable financial accounts” of the Statement of Financial Position.

The fair value of “Suppliers and Other Amounts Payable” is in line with their book value, as the impact of discounting is not significant.

17.2. A detail of supplier ageing is provided in the following table: