Note 19.- Third-Party Guarantees and Commitments

As of the end of 2009 the overall value of guarantees granted from to third parties was € 1,150,886 thousands (€ 1,308,241 thousands in 2008), relating to guarantees to customers, financial entities, public bodies and other third parties.

There are also other guarantees provided by other Group companies regards to the financing of the diverse operations with financial entities (excluding the Syndicated loan with Abengoa, S.A. as commented on in Note 16) to the amount of € 2,188,688 thousands (€ 1,856,488 thousands in 2008), with € 1,334,393 thousands (€ 1,084,767 thousands in 2008) relating to operations outside of Spain, being both overseas entities as well as Spanish entities with overseas operations.