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When compared with electrical systems as a whole (generation, transmission and distribution), power transmission infrastructures account for only a small percentage of total costs, both in terms of the initial investment and subsequent operation and maintenance costs. They are, however, a core element of the electricity system as a whole and promise much for the future.

Abengoa enjoys a strong international presence and a tried and tested track record in managing power transmission assets. It therefore has a bright future in store with huge growth opportunities to be had.

Abengoa’s power transmission concessions are found in numerous countries, while the assets it manages are at different stages of maturity. At present, the company has 6,693 km of lines under concession spanning the length of Peru, Chile and Brazil. This year Abengoa has added 129 km to its project pipeline thanks to two new transmission line contracts awarded in Chile, which are already under construction, and a further 2,472 km owing to the three new power lines secured in Brazil.

Abengoa aims to cement its position of international leadership in power transmission concessions that contribute towards sustainable development. With this objective in mind, the company’s power transmission division is chiefly engaged in the implementation and exploitation under concession of public and private electrical power transmission systems.

Abengoa’s leadership as an international power transmission and distribution contractor affords it a major competitive edge in harnessing the wealth of opportunities to be had in power transmission concessions. This, coupled with its proven experience in line engineering and construction, has opened up huge opportunities in many different regions worldwide.

The main points underpinning Abengoa’s strategy in power concessions are as follows:

  • ƒƒMaintaining its leadership in Latin America. The region remains critical to ongoing growth. Moreover, assets approaching maturity can be rotated, thus creating new investment opportunities.
  • The United States remains a key objective given the obsolescence of existing transmission systems, the huge distance between power generation on the one hand and end consumption on the other, and the increasing presence of renewable energies within the energy mix.
  • Asia. Due to the current shortage of much-needed electrical power infrastructures, the region is also an attractive target market.

In the first quarter of 2012, Abengoa reached an agreement with “Compañía Energética de Minas Gerais“ (CEMIG), one of Brazil’s leading electrical utilities, to sell 50 % of the joint venture, embracing four power transmission concessions relating to the STE, ATE I, ATE II and ATE III lines. Abengoa had already sold the first package of 50 % back in 2011 as part of the asset rotation strategy announced by the company, thus enabling it to make new investments to continue growing.

As part of this asset rotation strategy, the Chilean transmission lines (Abenor, Araucana and Huepil), in which Abengoa held a 20 % stake through Transam, were sold to the company Transelec Norte, S. A. at year-end.

Abengoa has a grand total of 6,693 km of transmission lines under concession, 1,476 km of which are already in operation in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

The following lines are also scheduled to enter into operation in the near future:

  • In Brazil, the Manaus and Línea Verde lines, spanning a total of 586 and 987 km, respectively, ATE VIII covering 108 km, and Norte Brasil at 2,375 km.
  • In Peru, the ATS line measuring 900 km and ATN2 at 132 km.
  • In Chile, the two new lines spanning 129 km.

Detailed below are Abengoa’s main concessions in the three countries where it operates:


Abengoa business remains strong in Chile and the company is a key player in the country’s electricity market. The company expects to report sharp growth for the coming years based on its investments and market position.

Construction of a transmission tower (Chile)


Abengoa remains heavily involved in the Brazilian power transmission market, with the following projects currently in operation:

  • ATE IV: Aneel has awarded Abengoa a contract for the 30-year operation and maintenance under concession of the 85 km transmission line (TL) and four substations.
  • ATE V: the company has secured a 30-year concession to operate and maintain the 132 km of 230 kV TL and substation.
  • ATE VI: the contract envisages the 30-year operation and maintenance of the 230 kV TL and substation for Aneel. The transmission line spans a total of 131 km.
  • ATE VII: the agreement involves the 30-year operation and maintenance under concession of the 230 kV TL and substation. The power transmission line is 115 km in length.


Abengoa continues to grow in the power transmission line market, with the following lines currently in operation:

  • ATN: 220 kV high-voltage line and associated substations. The project embraces the design, supply and construction of the entire electricity system, plus operation and maintenance for a 30-year term. The project involves 570 km of 220 kV line, two new substations and upgrades to five existing substations.

Upcoming concessions

In 2012, construction work got under way on a direct current power line spanning 2,375 km in Brazil, while two transmission lines were awarded in Chile and construction continued on various lines in Peru.

Construction of a transmission tower (Chile)