In 2009 the Solar Business Unit began commercial operations of the largest tower technology plant in the world. The PS20 plant, as it is called, is located at the Solúcar Platform and incorporates a more efficient receiver as well as improvements in the control, operation and supply system compared to its predecessor, the PS10. Abengoa Solar now has an installed generation capacity using solar thermal and photovoltaic technology of 43 MW in Spain.

Furthermore, work is continuing on the construction of 150 MW of power in three solar thermal plants using parabolic trough technology at the Solúcar Platform in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville), as well as the 150 MW gas-solar hybrid plant in Algeria. All of these plants are expected to come online in 2010.

In addition, construction has begun on two new 50 MW plants in Écija (Seville), both using parabolic trough technology, and on one new 50 MW .plant in Logrosán (Caceres), applying the same technology.

With regard to the promotion of new projects, 13 plants (650 MW) have been included in the register created by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, which guarantees them the existing regulatory and tariff framework. Abengoa Solar has become the leading company in Spain for its portfolio of solar energy projects. All of the plants will be operational by 2013, although they will be rolled out gradually starting in 2010. The group will then have platforms in ÉEcija (Seville), El Carpio (Córdoba), Logrosán (Cáceres) and Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), as well as in Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville).

Internationally, the company has signed a contract in the USA with Pacific, Gas & Electric to supply energy from the future Mojave Solar plant, which will have a net capacity of 250 MW. This project joins the Solana plant in Arizona which is currently obtaining its permits and licenses.

In relation to strategic alliances and agreements, Abengoa Solar is participating as a founding member of the Desertec Industrial Initiative, which under the auspices of the Club of Rome and other institutions, aims to develop the production of renewable energies in the desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East for local consumption and export to Europe. This initiative, which Abengoa Solar is promoting in collaboration with 11 other international companies, aims to supply 15 % of the energy demand in Europe and a substantial part of the electricity requirement in North Africa and the Middle East from solar thermal plants and other sources of renewable energy by 2050.

The Solar Business Unit reported the following results:


Consolidated sales in this Business Unit correspond to:

  • Revenues from electricity generation totaled €23.5 M from the plants in operation with solar thermal and photovoltaic technology.
  • Sales of solar technology totaled €54.5 M. The important areas in this field include industrial systems and components for solar plants.
  • The solar promotions under development as part of our strategic plan generated revenues of €37.9 M.

In 2009 the workforce grew by nearly 100 new professionals to 388 people as at 31 December (57 % engineers and graduates), of which 20 % work outside Spain, mainly in the USA.

During the year, the Business Unitroup has invested more than €300 M in the construction of new plants, as well as participating in projects to develop solar technologies. Revenues from energy sales will grow considerably as these plants currently under construction come online during 2010.

Investment in R&D&I, worth €32.4 M, was also significant as well as a strategy to develop more efficient technologies that reduce existing generation costs. We have therefore been carrying out proprietary projects as well as working in collaboration with other leading institutions and universities in the solar energy sector.