This 2009 Abengoa Report on Corporate Social Responsibility reflects Abengoa’s performance throughout the year in economic, social and environmental terms and seeks to address the expectations of its audience.

Abengoa conducts all of its activities while bearing in mind the company’s model of sustainable development. This model seeks to integrate stakeholder expectations into company strategy, striking a balance so as to maximize benefits for each and every stakeholder, and always following the governing principles of integrity and transparency.

Stakeholder expectations were taken into account through formal analysis of issues that are relevant for them. Following analysis of the results obtained throughout stakeholder exchange, the following chapters were established: “Abengoa and its Shareholders”, “Abengoa and its Customers”, “Abengoa and its Suppliers”, “Abengoa and its People”, “Abengoa and the Community” and “Environment and Climate Change”. In addition, the principles of integrity and transparency are reflected in the chapter entitled “Transparency and Rigor in Management”.

To help readers understand the text and seek out relevant information, and to ensure consistent presentation, a common structure was devised for all chapters and sections. The following is a description of the structure common to all chapters.

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