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Anticipated future trends of the group



To understand the prospects of the Group, it is necessary to take into account the trends and developments achieved in recent periods, from which the foreseeable medium-term future would appear to show growth. The Group’s medium term strategy is based on the growing contribution of the activities linked to markets of the Environment, Renewable Fuels (bioenergy), Solar activity, as well as continuing the development of Industrial Engineering and Construction activities.


Further, Abengoa’s longer-term outlook is strengthened through increasing our capacities within the Environmental Services market, through Befesa Medio Ambiente, S.A., increased bioethanol production capacity, as well as the developments in Solar activity. On the basis that the current forecasts are achieved, Abengoa has a new activity base available which could offer both stability and continuity over the coming years.


With the current level of reserves, taking into account a greater extent of flexibility in the structure of the Group, the specialisation and diversification of activities, within the possible investments which present themselves within the domestic market and our competitive positioning within overseas markets, notwithstanding exposure of elements of our activities to the sale of commodities and non-Euro currencies, we trust that the Group shall be well positioned to continue positively into the future.