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Events after the end of the year


On January 16 2012, Abengoa Solar, S.A. entered an agreement with Rioglass, Laminar, S.L., for the acquisition of shares in the stock capital of Rioglass Solar Holding, S.A. Said acquisition means that Abengoa Solar, S.A. becomes the majority shareholder in Rioglass Solar Holding, S.L. Likewise, once all the contrctual conditions set forth by this agreement are met, Abengoa Solar, S.A. will hold control of Rioglass Solar Holding, S.L. On the date of the close the impact was being evaluated in the consolidated financial statements of the acquisition in accordance with the accounting policies outlined in Note 2, and the impacts are not expected to be significant

Following the closing of the financial year there has not been any other events susceptible to significantly influence the information reflected in the Consolidated Financial Statements prepared by the Administrators on the same date, or which should be highlighted because it bears significant trascendence.