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Through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, Abengoa fundamentally works in four areas: social, cultural and educational development and research, and in employee welfare. In all, Abengoa has invested 10 M€ as follows:

Percentages of community welfare investments in 20121.

In addition, the economic value that Abengoa distributed increases with the payment of taxes, with the social security costs and with voluntary contributions to social, cultural, educational and research projects, for employees or in relation to the environment.

The taxes make up a significant share of the economic contribution that Abengoa makes to the society. This indicator is variable and depends on the various applicable laws and on the progress of the incomes and profit2.

Note 1: Please see the list of activities that were executed in appendix C.

Note 2: The list of taxes paid in 2012 broken down by country is in appendix A.