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Thanks to the company’s commitment to its human team, Abengoa’s headcount continued to grow in 2012, particularly in territories such as Asia and Latin America. We would highlight the impressive growth witnessed in Europe despite the prevailing economic climate.

As of December 31, 2012, staff headcount totaled 26,402, up 19 % year-on-year.

Staff distribution by age bracket, average age and changes over the last three years is as follows:

Women accounted for 15.2 % of the total workforce in 2012 and 30.66 % of total employees, in comparison to the 29.05 % seen in 2011.

According to the nature of their employment relationship, differentiating between employees and operators, the overall percentage of personnel with open-ended contracts in 2012 totaled 43 %.

Abengoa is particularly watchful of non-discretionary voluntary terminations due to the loss of talent these entail. Employee turnover due to these terminations amounted to 0.53 %, down 0.35 % on the same figure for 2011. Turnover rates by region and by gender were as follows.

Spanish law allows workers to return to their job following a period of parental leave.

At Abengoa, 99.5 % of employees who requested parental leave returned to work in 2012. Of these, 99.56 % were men and 99.3 % were women.