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Abengoa is a company committed to the economic and social progress of the communities in which it operates. This engagement is manifested in the high percentage of suppliers contracted locally, where the average holds at above 82 %.

Being able to rely on locally-based suppliers in the supply chain represents a strategy for boosting and supporting a stable local economy, accompanied by increased generation of local wealth and added value, and greater direct and indirect job creation. Abengoa thus contributes to enhancing the standard of living in the areas in which the company developes its activity, while at the same time adding to the wealth of the region by indirectly attracting investment.

Abengoa helps smaller providers or those located in regions of slower development in:

  • Securing financing or gaining access to financing channels
  • Enhancing health and safety systems
  • Technical training geared toward occupational risk prevention

The table below shows the four countries with the highest purchasing volume and the percentage corresponding to locally-based suppliers1.

Nota 1: The complete list of countries is provided in appendix B.