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Sustainability, our commitment

Sustainability is the essence of Abengoa. Working to ensure alternative ways of using available resources is the driving force behind the company; the commitment to sustainability in all of its dimensions -social, environmental, and economic- is the company’s main hallmark.

The economic, social and environmental status quo, where climate change and financial crisis occupy a central position, is forcing us to rethink the models followed up until now and bringing on a change in the global paradigm, which is beginning to provide incentives to accountability over imprudence and encouraging the pursuit of long-term instead of short-term benefits.

In this regard, the pursuit of sustainability plays a fundamental role in the ongoing evolution of the global business community towards human progress. Companies must ensure that the impacts derived from their activity are positive for society and the environment, and do so through ethical and transparent conduct contributing to the well-being of all. It is essential for organizations to evaluate and take their environment into account when making decisions.

First prize-winning photograph in the 3rd edition of the “Sustainability photography contest” taken by: Antonio Torres Saénz de Tejada.

"The commitment to sustainability in all of its dimensions-social,environmental, and economic- is our main hallmark"