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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Abengoa has been reporting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its products and services since 2008 through the use of a system designed by the company for this purpose: the GHG Inventory, which, together with the CSR Management System and the ESI Indicators, today makes up the ISMS.

In order to implement the inventory, a computer application was also designed, providing the basis for the application that currently houses the ISMS. The tool incorporates emissions accounting for all scopes and sources established under Abengoa’s internal norm governing the inventory, which was devised in accordance with international standards.

The inventory norm establishes the mandatory nature of reporting for suppliers. In order to monitor emissions associated with the entire range of acquired goods and services, the computer application is linked to Abengoa company procurement applications, blocking purchases from providers who do not disclose their emissions and ensuring information on related emissions for each order placed.

In addition to signing the Abengoa Social Responsibility Code, all Abengoa suppliers are required to sign the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting System Implementation Agreement. To date, more than 14,000 agreements have been signed worldwide.

The process of verifying Abengoa company inventories through the ISO 14064 – 1: 2006 standard commenced in 2011.