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2011 milestones
  • Over 1,800 hours of operation for the Eureka superheated steam plant.
  • Development of:
  • Thermal storage and heat transfer fluid (HTF) systems.

  • Heliostats enabling 20 % cost reductions.

  • Experimental plant in Cartagena where a variety of algae process configurations and technologies will be tested.

  • Post-treatment system for remineralization of desalinated water through reverse osmosis, which achieves savings of 15 % over conventional systems.

  • Wastewater treatment system based on pressurized filtration and proprietary microfiltration membrane technology.

  • Hydrogen storage processes based on hydrosilanes and aminoboranes, and start-up of the borohydride-based system.

  • Portable fuel cell-based electrical power generating systems.

  • Kinetic storage devices, also referred to as inertia wheels, in different applications.

Parabolic troughs at an Abengoa solar plant