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Abengoa considers its employees to be the company’s main asset and driving force of today and tomorrow, and for this reason special emphasis is placed on pursuing and providing ideal working conditions through a pledge to personal growth, training and recognition of employees in all working areas. Abengoa seeks the personal and professional satisfaction of its people and establishes policies accordingly to help each of the company’s workers achieve their goals.

Employee welfare assistance

Each year, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation awards academic financial aid to Abengoa staff members, spouses, children or orphans, at different educational levels, and also provides aid for special education.

In 2011, 2,545 scholarships were granted to the children of company employees, benefiting a total of 1,405 families.

Study completion awards

Below is a list of awards granted in 2011 according to education level and prize amount:

  • First and second compulsory secondary education prizes, each totaling €600.
  • First and second higher secondary education prizes, each totaling €600.
  • First and second intermediate training school prizes, each totaling €600.
  • First and second higher training school prizes, each totaling €600.
  • First and second associate degree study prizes, each totaling €800.
  • First and second bachelor’s, engineering and architecture degree study prizes, each totaling €800.

Research grant

This year’s research grant was awarded to María del Pilar Ayuda Durán for her work titled “Initiation of replication and genome stability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”, which will be carried out at the Biology Faculty of the University of Salamanca.

Grants and funding

Two €900 foreign language study grants were awarded to children of company employees in 2011. The beneficiaries were Miguel Vicente de Miguel Tristancho and Miguel Ybarra Abaurrea.

Professional enhancement awards

This award program is intended for staff members who have participated over the course of the year in one of the training courses or programs promoted by Abengoa. Four editions of the program are held every year, and each edition awards a €600 cash prize for academic excellence.

Vuela Program for children of Abengoa employees

The Vuela Program was conceived in 2008 with the aim of giving the children of company employees the chance to obtain firsthand knowledge of the company where their parents work while gaining their first practical professional experience in a leading company in sustainability and discovering a different country and culture.

In 2011, there were 15 beneficiaries from Europe, Latin America and North America in the winter and summer editions of the internship grant program.