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  • Abengoa has continued to make headway over the course of the year in the gradual process of optimization in providing the information needed to be able to make the most thorough assessment of the company possible. The new structuring of the Investor Relations and Reporting team has contributed significantly to achieving this objective, with the idea being for this process to continue over time to the point of establishing an ongoing relationship in order to achieve interaction enabling all company stakeholders to suggest any improvements they deem appropriate.
  •  Abengoa will continue in its efforts to make the company known to the largest critical mass possible. Therefore, in line with the work conducted throughout the year, visits will be extended to geographical regions where potential company stakeholders have been identified.
  • Work is currently being carried out to obtain the most suitable tools for helping analysts and investors better understand the company and with whom to in turn establish dialog enabling the company to take into account the expectations of these stakeholders.