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Training is vital to the development of Abengoa’s people. Every year, a training plan is designed to meet staff training needs, combining face-to-face and online methodologies so as best to satisfy employee requirements. In 2011, the company provided more than 1.4 million hours of training.

Training topics

The Abengoa training plan embraces all topics required for the company to have in place a team of highly qualified professionals who are committed to the Abengoa culture. Highlights include the following programs:

  • Corporate training: aimed at fostering the Abengoa culture: its values, principles and management model. The corporate topics address key issues such as the company’s strategy, risk model, businesses and leadership vision.
  • General training: aimed at improving each employee’s professional skills in any of the disciplines relating to his or her job.
  • Occupational risk prevention training: to reinforce awareness at all levels of the importance of supporting and abiding by occupational safety requirements and using protective equipment.
  • Environmental management training: to help employees understand the organization’s commitment to sustainability. In 2011, the company provided 30,853 hours of training on sustainable development and the struggle against climate change.
  • Environmental performance training: relating to the systems supporting the company’s environmental performance: Integrated Sustainability Management System (ISMS) and ISO 14064.
  • Online training on the greenhouse gas inventory.
  •  Language training: as a key element in an environment of ongoing international growth and globalization. Internships: implemented via the interns program.



Training plan

 Training hours and attendees per activity during 2011:

In 2011 Abengoa taught an average of 65.2 training hours per person.

Every year, Abengoa provides all its employees with Common Management Systems courses, so that they can gain an understanding of the standards and rules by which the company is guided and keep abreast of updates, with a special emphasis on policy against corrupt practices and the Code of Conduct. Common Management Systems training actions in 2011 came to a combined total of 25,035 face-to-face teaching hours and 27,780 on line hours.