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Balance de gestión responsable

The Responsible Management Balance Sheet was created in 2011 for the purpose of bringing together those sustainability-related indicators flagged as critical for Abengoa and its stakeholders due to their importance, the aim being to enhance company management efficiency through more exhaustive and continuous monitoring. This balance sheet also enables the organization to report periodically and transparently on company performance to stakeholders in keeping with its commitment to transparency and sustainability.

Periodic reporting on these indicators is projected to be carried out through this report, the corporate website (www.abengoa.com) and shareholder reports.

(1) Data published in 2011 was modified because only collected the volumen of raw materials purchases.

(2) There has been a change in the method used to calculated the total number of patents applied for by a company.

(3) Includes primary, electrical and thermal power consumption.

(4) Emissions units: (t CO2eq).

(5) Includes used, river, well, rain and grid water.

(6) Includes exclusively emissions derived from the consumption of electric and thermal energy, work-related travels, commuting trips to work, loss in transportation of electric energy, and emissions from the supply value chain of fuels used for the generation of purchased electric energy.