CSR: The cornerstone of Abengoa’s Present and Future Strategy

For Abengoa, Corporate Social Responsibility must be perfectly aligned with and form part of company strategy. Therefore, CSR must be implemented systematically and in a way that is consistent with the company’s mission and vision, enabling it to be fully integrated into the company’s core, management processes and business activities.



Abengoa’s vision: To become a global benchmark in the development of innovative technological solutions for sustainable development.

Abengoa’s vision with respect to sustainability: To be an exemplary company with a culture and business model based on sustainability, credibility, confidence and respect, in the industries, businesses and communities in which we operate.



Adopting a strategic approach to promoting CSR has numerous benefits: More appropriate management of reputation, attracting and retaining talent, greater competitiveness and enhanced market positioning, higher operational efficiency and lower costs, an improved relationship with the supply chain and the community, access to more sources of capital, improved rapport with regulatory bodies, mitigation of risks inherent to the activities Abengoa conducts, and generation of opportunities.