Customer Management

In order to gauge customer expectations and anticipate their present and future needs, Abengoa upholds a course of action based on direct involvement in all phases of managing and executing company activities. 

First, Abengoa has a computer application for managing customer relations referred to as “Commercial Action”, which aims to:

  • Coordinate all customer-related processes with the aim of providing personalized treatment for each and every customer.
  • Harness synergies among Abengoa’s companies to offer full customer service.
  • Prevent process duplication due to a lack of coordination or information between Abengoa companies that may detriment both the companies and the customer.
  • Anticipate customer needs.
  • Channel customer needs to those group companies that can handle them most effectively, thereby benefiting the customer. 

Secondly, the sales divisions, general company management and other departments involved maintain regular contact with customers in order to ensure that Abengoa’s resources are in line with their priorities and to pursue improvement in areas that may not be perceived as positively by customers.

Abengoa companies set up these contacts using a filing system, through which analysis is conducted on different parameters, and guidelines for action and follow-up are drawn up based on this information. In the “Commercial Action” application, a file is opened for each customer and periodic monitoring conducted to gain a historic overview of the same customer, thus making it a powerful tool for anticipating future needs and expectations. As a result of this follow-up, the company is able to assess the degree to which pre-determined objectives have been fulfilled for each customer, and then adapt these objectives accordingly for subsequent years.