Future Goals and Objectives

Over the course of 2011, a tool linked to the purchasing application and to budget reporting systems will be completed. This will help to enhance management of emissions and emission reduction schemes. This application is part of the comprehensive sustainability management system that will enable the company to obtain consolidated data pertaining to relevant sustainability indicators (GHG inventories, Global Reporting Initiative- GRI and Environmental Sustainability Indicator- ESI). It will also include the added feature of allocating emissions to Abengoa products and services.

Another key objective for the coming year is to finalize implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Indicator (ESI) system, which incorporates nine environmental factors upon which Abengoa business may exert some type of pressure in order to conduct in-depth analyses of the environmental impact generated. 

Finally, two further objectives sought for 2011 are to obtain ISO 14064 certification of group company GHG inventories, as well as ISO 14067 product labeling certification. This will enable Abengoa to enhance the quality and maturity of the greenhouse gas inventory, assure ongoing positive validation of the inventory in external auditing, and pursue further advancement as a result of the inventory.


Photograph taken by Mª Encarnación Díaz Llorente of Abener and entered into the II Sustainable Development Photography Competition