Future Goals and Objectives

Thanks to the results obtained through the tools to measure customer satisfaction, and deriving from the action plans devised to improve them, Abengoa has devised a raft of actions for each individual company which it considers necessary in order to improve existing customer satisfaction levels. These actions may be carried out in the short, medium or long term. 

The following are of particular note:

  • Customer loyalty through relationships based on the principles of transparency, quality, confidentiality, satisfaction, health and safety, and responsible communication in order to strengthen rapport through long-term contracts.
  • Expanding the customer portfolio. Pursuit of new customers needed to gear activity towards the company’s strategic plan.
  • Forging of new alliances with key customers by accomplishing common goals and objectives based on mutual benefit.
  • Continuous improvement of customer rapport and satisfaction through the development of tools to measure, as objectively as possible, the degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing productive capacity to meet customer demand.
  • Fine-tuning delivery schedules by means of sound initial planning, conducting stringent project follow-ups, and developing innovative process and alliances with suppliers to improve execution.
  • Expanding the range of products and services provided to attain a higher market share by employing the knowledge of business needs gleaned through market studies.
  • Enhancing customer integration and involvement.