Channels for Dialog with Investors and Shareholders

Transparent and fluid communication with investors and shareholders alike is key to ensuring long-lasting relationships of trust with both. The department head, in coordination with the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Strategic Development, is charged with designing and implementing the communication program for national and international financial markets in order to disclose the company’s main financial figures and strategic initiatives.


  • During the year, Abengoa tightened relations with its investors by working to improve the service it provides and by addressing suggestions and requests through close and transparent channels of communication.
  • Since 2006, quarterly earnings reports include, in addition to the basic required information, a comprehensive document that analyzes the performance of each of Abengoa’s business units, and their key financial figures. In addition to traditional phone lines, presentations can be seen through an audiovisual system accessed from the company’s website. Following the presentations, there is a question and answer session to address any doubts the listeners may have.
  • Abengoa has attended numerous seminars and meetings with both private and institutional investors, and was particularly active in improving relations with those investors that focus exclusively on companies offering high levels of CSR.
  • The company took part in a total of 15 national and international road shows in 2010, affording it the opportunity to address more than 400 institutional investors in person. This line of activity enabled the company to visit key marketplaces in Europe and the United States.
  • The fifth edition of Investors Day was also held in Seville on July 13 and 14. The focus this year round was on environmental services and high-voltage power line transmission and concession. The event took place at Campus Palmas Altas and the Befesa R&D Center, and boasted the attendance of numerous national and international investors.
  • As the result of Abengoa’s issuance of corporate bonds, the Investor and Shareholder Relations Department held various events in conjunction with the Finance Department to enable bondholders to learn more about the company.
  • Conference calls were therefore set up to present the main strategic lines behind the bond issuance, and all questions arising from this new source of funding were duly addressed. The company has also set up a segment on its corporate web site to provide information on Abengoa’s issuances of corporate bonds (2014 convertible Bonds, 2015 Bonds, 2016 Bonds, 2017 Convertible Bonds). This information can be accessed through the Investors section.