System for valuating Corporate Social Responsibility-related Risks at Abengoa Facilities

In 2010, Abengoa also developed a system for evaluating the CSR-related risks of its facilities. This system enables the company to determine the key social and environmental challenges in the areas in which the company conducts its business, particularly in more critical and sensitive aspects and areas that may potentially jeopardize group company development, in line with the commitments Abengoa has undertaken with respect to sustainability.

These risks were defined based on Corporate Social Responsibility Issues tagged as relevant for the company and addressed in its Master Plan, with risk being defined as anything that may jeopardize an organization’s reputation should its performance fail to match third-party expectations.

Abengoa seeks to consolidate risk management in all company facilities through this reference model for identifying risk, which also serves to stimulate stakeholder dialog management and conflict resolution at these facilities. The aim is to make information available to ensure sustainable long-term businesses in keeping with company interests.

This risk analysis will enable the company to draw up a facility-specific stakeholder map.

Furthermore, depending on the level of risk determined and the degree of development at the different company locations, a procedure will be devised to promote dialog with opinion leaders and stakeholders to enable the dispute management in Abengoa’s local sphere of action; and the subsequent reporting on progress achieved.