Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory


The results of Abengoa’s 2010 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory paint a complete picture of all emissions stemming from the company’s operations. This analysis, duly structured to embrace the different scopes and sources involved, also includes and breaks down emissions generated from biomass operations. The inventory has been disclosed and published with a view to allowing other companies to incorporate climate change policies into their core activities and concerns.


The objectives the company set itself for 2010 have enabled it to curb its CO2 emissions by over 64,000 t and develop the methodology needed to label the following products:

  • Steel structures.
  • Solar thermal KwH.
  • Photovoltaic KwH.
  • Waelz Oxide.
  • Ferrosita.
  • Waste treatment.
  • Recovered aluminum (secondary).
  • Bioethanol.
  • Exported electricity, generated steam and desalinated water at cogeneration plants.
  • Sulfuric acid, oleum and electricity generated at desulfurization plants.
  • Desalinated water.
  • Traffic control cabinets.
  • Ticketing machine.