Certifications ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 1800

On a corporate level, reporting directly to Abengoa’s Chairman’s Office, is the General Sustainability Management Department, created in January 2008, as well as a corporate department for Organization, Quality and the Environment.

The General Sustainability Management Department aims to gear Abengoa activities towards sustainability by ensuring that products and services are integrated into the model of sustainable development. This department promotes and directs implementation of the greenhouse gas emissions inventory and development of indicator systems to assess and improve the integration of Abengoa activities with sustainability.

The corporate department of Organization, Quality and the Environment has the responsibility, in environmental affairs, of reporting on the status and progress of the Management Systems throughout the different group companies. This supervisory function is headed by the General Coordinator for Quality and the Environment, who verifies fulfillment of objectives and the use made of the synergies generated through the control and follow-up visits.






During 2010, the number of Abengoa companies certified with ISO and OHSAS has increased: 1.17 % the ones with quality certification, 1.09 % the ones with environment certification, and 1.14 % the ones with Labor Risks & Prevention certification.