Abengoa: Company Profile


Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technological solutions aimed at sustainable development in the energy and environmental sectors to generate energy from the sun, produce biofuels, desalinate sea water and recycle industrial waste, bringing long-term value to its shareholders through a management model based on encouragement of the enterprise culture, social responsibility, transparency and professional rigor (Mission).

Abengoa focuses company growth on creating new technologies that contribute to sustainable development by:

  • Generating energy from renewable sources.
  • Recycling industrial waste, and generating and managing water.
  • Creating environmentally-friendly infrastructures that eliminate emissions.
  • Developing information systems that aid in managing existing infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Promoting new avenues for progress and innovation.

And to this end, Abengoa…

  • Invests in research, development and innovation (R&D+i).
  • Expands those technologies with the greatest potential.
  • Develops the required talent by attracting and retaining the best human resources.
  • Dedicates human and economic resources to promoting social action policies that contribute to human and social progress through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation.


Photograph taken by Simosa IT’s María del Carmen Hinojosa Corbacho for the 2nd Edition of the Abengoa Sustainbility Photograph Contest

All the foregoing through a management model rooted in the following three key concepts:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which has become a central factor in measuring the future performance of companies and ensuring the ongoing viability of their operations. CSR entails understanding that results improve to the extent that companies are able to forge relationships of trust with their stakeholders. In this regard, Abengoa is unflinchingly committed to developing a sound CSR policy capable of permeating all levels of the organization and which is taken on board during the strategic planning process.


  • Managerial transparency and rigor. Professional integrity, legality and rigor are some of the core aspects underpinning the company, and are expressly envisaged in its list of values. In fact, these values can be seen as an intrinsic part of Abengoa’s identity, for the company is fully aware that an organization can only truly flourish if it embraces these ideals.
  • Championing the culture of enterprise. Abengoa invests heavily in innovation in order to adapt to the changing world in which we live, even though this entails assuming inherent risks, seeing as though the company is convinced that the greatest risk is not assuming any risk at all. Guided by this approach, it is essential for each and every member of the company to embrace the enterprise culture and to be ready to pursue and grasp new opportunities for improving their work as these arise.

All this will enable Abengoa to cement its position as a global benchmark company in the development of technological solutions geared towards sustainable development (Vission).