Labor Practices and Equal Opportunities

Staff Data

In 2010 Abengoa’s average staff headcount totaled 26,127 people, up by 12 % from last year.

As of December 31, 2010, the company’s staff number totaled 26,083 people, up by 9 % over year-end 2009.

The table below shows average staff numbers by business unit, as well as a comparison to 2009.


In terms of the different geographical areas where Abengoa conducts its business, the staff percentage breakdown, as of December 31, 2010, is as follows:



Evolution of Abengoa’s presence in 2010 in the different geographical locations, in comparison to 2009, is as follows:


In terms of the nature of the labor relationship, distinguishing between employees and operators, the total percentage of employees with a permanent contract in 2010 is 60 %.


Most employees (90 %) have full-time contracts.

The following table shows the age pyramid, and the average age of Abengoa’s staff, distinguishing between men and women:La mayor parte de los empleados (90 %) tiene un contrato a tiempo completo.



Average staff distribution into the different professional categories is as follows:


Employee turnover rate (voluntary undesired leaves) is 1.53 %, which is shown in the table below according to breakdown by gender: