Committed to Innovation


Innovation is the key driver of the global evolution towards a sustainable world offering high standards of well-being for peoples and nations. Innovation is a dynamic process that is conducted by utilizing all the resources available in the society of knowledge, science and technology.

Abengoa’s commitment to innovation is tantamount to a commitment to sustainability. Innovation is the vehicle through which to generate groundbreaking solutions for sustainable development.


Photograph taken by José Alejandro Avilés Flores of Simosa IT for the II Sustainable Development Photography Competition

Ensuring technological development constitutes the cornerstone of Abengoa’s growth, as well as the basis for meeting the company’s main strategic objectives. To this end, Abengoa has adopted a system referred to as the “innovation ecosystem”, a system that fosters collaboration with universities, governmental agencies, public research institutions, technology centers and companies and pursues the creation of knowledge networks, with Abengoa acting as the propelling force. This is the only way to ensure that the company is in a position to generate the required know-how and provide answers and solutions to new challenges. This system of innovation includes demonstration plants, research and development facilities in different countries, and third-party collaboration.

Innovation is geared towards obtaining results and pursues three types of tangible goals: Diversification, achieved by developing new products and services; differentiation through improvement and enhancement; and adaptation of existing products and services to new demands and process improvement. Abengoa also pursues the intangible aim of acquiring essential competencies (know-how) and, above all, generating future options, aspects that are closely linked to value through expectations of growth and new business development.

Innovation management at Abengoa falls within the strategy of each individual company or business unit, and is framed in its three horizons, where one or more R&D+i programs geared towards developing new, or innovating existing products or processes, are defined. R&D+i programs are general in nature and linked to a particular line of strategic development. Envisaged for the long term, up to 30 years, they are carried out through partial 10-year programs and specific 3 to 4-year projects, which is where Abengoa executes its R&D+i.



Alignment of R&D projects and programs with Abengoa strategy

The following illustrates the main programs conducted in the area of innovation in 2010 by the different business units:


R&D programs in place throughout the different Abengoa business units


At Abengoa most R&D+i investment involves applied research and development of technological innovation in the company’s approach to fulfilling the strategic objectives of sustainability and creating new products.



Research, development and innovation directed to value creation


The Keys to Innovation at Abengoa

Abengoa’s focus on innovation entails a commitment to undertaking a set of measures, some of which are already in place while others are in the process of being implemented:

  • A 10-year strategic plan that clearly identifies R&D activity and includes objectives for technological progress that are well defined in terms of materials and schedules and approached with three horizons in mind.
  • Assessment of R&D in economic terms to enable monitoring of yield and traceability.
  • Highly qualified R&D personnel with profiles in line with new demands. Mechanisms are devised to ensure the success of their incorporation and professional development.
  • Substantial R&D budget increase, earmarking allocations for highly innovative projects.



Innovation is our commitment to the future