Environmental Management System Certification

In accordance with its policy on environmental management and sustainable use of natural and energy resources, Abengoa has established as a strategic objective for its range of companies the implementation of environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 Standard. This framework establishes a concrete objective: reducing the potential negative environmental impacts of the products and services of each company, including lowering the consumption of natural resources, and minimizing the generation of waste and emissions.

The environmental management systems in place at Abengoa are extremely demanding in terms of measuring and monitoring environmental impact and controlling associated operations, and therefore all activities with significant impact on the environmental aspects evaluated must be covered under a Measurement and Monitoring Plan, as well as an Operational Control Program.

Practically all of Abengoa’s activities fall under the scope of an environmental management system in line with the ISO 14001 Standard, and all significant environmental impacts are identified according to each company’s internal procedures.

The percentage of certified Abengoa companies in 2010 totals 86.05 %.