Abengoa guarantees the validity, integrity and security of any and all information handled by the company, particularly in regard to all aspects of customers’ personal data.

With the aim of guaranteeing sufficient security measures associated with communications and information systems, there is a security policy statement governing all Abengoa businesses and companies. This statement covers the implementation of an information security Management System as a tool for fulfilling security objectives, meaning confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The information security Management System explicitly reflects every aspect related to policy, standards and obligations applicable to the users of information systems, regardless of whether they are Abengoa employees.

The information security Management System sets down the policy on use of information systems, management of security-related incidents, password policy, security in the workplace, anti-virus protection, wireless networks, system administration, perimeter security, protection of personal data, and information classification.

There were no reports via Abengoa information channels of any claims filed by customers with respect to customer privacy or personal data leaks at Abengoa companies in 2010. Nor were there any fines recorded for failure to comply with regulations regarding the supply and use of products and services offered by each Abengoa company.