Abengoa an its Customers


Since its inception, Abengoa has undertaken a commitment to ensuring that its products and services are always in line with achieving full customer satisfaction. Customers are the key agents in any business relationship and their satisfaction is essential in achieving fluid rapport based on trust in order to ensure long-term relationships. This commitment was explicitly incorporated into the Joint Management Systems of mandatory compliance for all group companies. 

Furthermore, creating this bond of sustainable trust with customers requires a commitment to transparency in communication to ensure privacy, quality, health and safety as key variables in the company’s relationship with its customers.

Each partner in a business relationship has a perspective that differs from but nonetheless complements that of the other partner. Thus, for customers it is essential that the required product or service be adapted to their needs and that there be high standards of quality in meeting deadlines and providing after-sale service. Abengoa works together with its customers in developing their business, and this requires the company to address their needs in order to build forward-looking relationships built on trust. The basic tool for achieving this is fluid and transparent communication.


Photograph taken by Elena Ferre from Girh for the II Sustainable Development Photography Competition 

We forge future relationships based on trust