Training in Management of Environmental Issues

For a complex and multifaceted organization like Abengoa to successfully meet all of its environmental objectives and fulfill its commitment to sustainability requires that all members of the organization know the impact of the activities they perform in their positions on the environment, having received the right kind of training.

At Abengoa training in environmental issue management is part of the group’s general training process. Each company has an annual training plan, which is generally based on Abengoa’s competency-based management model, and which entails systematic assessment of its effectiveness.

Since December 2009, the course on Sustainable Development and Climate Change is available to all company personnel. Part of Abenga’s corporate training program, this course is offered online in both English and Spanish. In 2010, 24,984 hours were devoted to this particular training.

Course objectives include the following:

  • To analyze causes and effects of climate change on industrialized society.
  • To learn about Abengoa’s business focus on promoting technologies aimed at sustainable development.
  • To foster greater personal engagement with Abengoa’s policy and strategy with respect to sustainability, particularly involving halting climate change.

Furthermore, in 2010, 742 hours of attendance-based training were conducted, as well as 474 hours of webex online courses in Spanish and English on the new GHG inventory computer application. Online training is also available in Spanish and English on internal inventory norms. A total of 11,675 hours were devoted to this training initiative.