Investor Relations Department

Abengoa has an Investor and Shareholder Relations Department, the purpose of which is to facilitate and encourage ongoing contact with groups of stakeholders, the media, employees, customers, suppliers and future collaborators. Department activity is governed by stringent national and international standards of transparency, ethics and equity.

Abengoa bondholders have now joined the ranks of the company’s stakeholders, and are provided with any information they may require.



Abengoa turns possibilities into realities, thus enabling its shares and the company as a whole to appreciate in value, while also offering added value not only to shareholders and investors, but also to society as a whole.

The company’s commitment to shareholders and financial analysts is essentially to provide them with outstanding service, and to offer thorough and accurate information within the framework of corporate governance practices in keeping with the most stringent standards. The key to accomplishing this objective is to strike up an ongoing and two-way relationship with other areas of the company in order to obtain updated information.

The core objectives of the department are as follows:

  • To draw up a program of activities reflecting company strategy for analysts and investors.
  • To obtain added value for the company by generating information that is useful to the Board of Directors and other governing bodies.
  • To make it possible for company strategy and results to be directly reflected in its listed stock price.
  • To provide the market with clear, useful and current information so that it can follow the company’s performance.
  • To increase share value and liquidity through fluid communication with the market and the company’s shareholders.