Areas of Improvement

The following areas of improvement have been detected in supplier relations management among the different Abengoa businesses, taking into account the particular activities and characteristics of each one:

  • Gaining precise knowledge of the degree of supplier satisfaction and improvement to communication channels.
  • Establishing strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers in achieving goals and objectives.
  • Loyalty as means of enabling improvements in production, performance schedules and prices.
  • Expanding the geographical sphere of action to make the most of opportunities existing in other raw material markets as a factor to be taken into consideration for increasing competitiveness in different sectors.
  • Streamlining administrative processes in place in the customer/supplier relationship.
  • Expanding the supplier auditing scope.
  • Obtaining raw material inputs that have been certified in accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive in order to ensure bioethanol production sustainability. 

For all the improvement areas and opportunities mentioned above, the procedure to be followed involves drawing up a plan of action that includes goals, individuals in charge, and the required economic and human resources to ensure that each improvement area detected is addressed accordingly.

All of these must be handled through the corporate tool for improvement areas.