Areas of Improvement
  • To tailor the library program and affiliate it with the network of Andalusian libraries.
  • To continue widening the reach of the “Educational and Body Exercises. A Right for Everyone” program (EBE) to encompass other countries.
  • To ensure the correct functioning of the “Santa Clara” community training workshops in cooperation with the Santa Rita de Cassia orphanage (Brazil).
  • To continue maintaining and upgrading the facilities of the San Rafael (Dos Hermanas) and San Roque (Cádiz) care homes for the elderly.
  • Funds and other aid (completion of studies prizes). Every year, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation holds its Completion of Studies Awards, which target Abengoa employees and their business units. Applicants must remain company employees at the time they request the aid and likewise at the time it is awarded. To ensure full uptake, the company intends to make a number of improvements to the process of communicating the availability of funds and aid.