Future Goals and Objectives

Abengoa is currently working on the development of a supplier auditing model, which will be standardized and applied throughout the company, specifically incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria through which to pinpoint key suppliers.

Putting this model into practice will require close collaboration among the different purchasing departments to enable, on the one hand, selection of different evaluation criteria to reflect the particular characteristics of each company activity, and, on the other, execution of risk analysis to identify suppliers that may pose a greater threat to CSR.

Among these suppliers tagged as critical, those who pose a greater risk to the company will be analyzed and reviewed through internal audits to verify compliance with the principles included under Abengoa’s Social Responsibility Code. In the event that irregularities are detected during this procedure, the commercial relationship with the supplier will be discontinued until the situation has been rectified.

In addition, a committee will be created to oversee smooth functioning of the model and to set the objectives to be met and analyze the results obtained from the audits conducted.

Through this procedure, Abengoa seeks to involve its suppliers in the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development.