Abengoa and the Community



Abengoa has embraced a commitment to growing alongside the communities in which it operates, fostering the creation of ties that reinforce the company’s long-term relationship with society, while abiding by and promoting human rights within its sphere of influence.

Company development cannot be approached from the standpoint of economic growth alone, but must also integrate the perspectives of its members, endeavoring to guarantee them the potential to pursue a rewarding life. Abengoa believes that the best way of meeting their expectations is to forge close ties between the company and society, while maintaining continuous and fluid dialog with stakeholders, achieved through clear and transparent communication and by championing actions that help people progress. Abengoa pursues mutual progress for the company and the community alike by developing and promoting initiatives that contribute towards balanced growth and to reinforcing the ties that bring the company and society together. 

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation guides, channels and complements the social action of Abengoa. Its actions generate social assets that help to develop the surrounding communities, entrench the company within society and foster activities among employees, while also spurring on research and helping to disclose and disseminate the scientific and cultural resources and assets of the foundation. Since 1982, the foundation has been engaged in general initiatives to help serve the community in five key areas: Aid and assistance, culture, education, research, and the welfare of employees, which have effectively become the social force driving Abengoa forward.